sydney kayne

singer songwriter

Starting as a toddler, Sydney was obsessed with music. At age 6 she began playing an acoustic guitar. By 7 years old, she was entertaining everyone with her original songs. Over the years she has been on stage in theatre productions but always comes back to her true passion of singing and songwriting. Now at 16, her song writing has continued to mature and develop. She is a gifted lyricist and her music describes stories and situations that all ages can relate to. Sydney would describe herself as an Indie artist though she writes songs that have been influenced by many genres – rock, pop, folk, country and blues. She is truly an experimental artist. Sydney performs at a number of venues – singer/song writer events, music festivals, and theaters. You can find some of Sydney’s music on her website at or by subscribing to her youtube channel

Sydney also enjoys spending time as a mentor in the Pathways Rock Band.   Pathways, is a non-profit organization that  empowers children of all abilities to find their passions and to maximize their potential.  Equipping them with the skills to fully participate and be included in their schools, community, and ultimately the workforce.

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