sydney kayne

singer songwriter

MTHS Broadway Night 10.26.16

Pathways Rock Band Video

Skin Fades From Dark-Stanhope House  4.9.16

I Am A Stone- Stanhope House 4.9.16

Apple Tree- Music Mission 4.16.16

Down The Line- Music Mission 4.16.16


Shake It Out Cover-performed at Zach Zang and the Gang 9.2.14

Concrete Wall-performed at Zach Sang and the Gang 9.2.14

Vienna Cover



White Noise

Concrete Wall

Guide Me With Mistakes

Stone Surrounded-Original song, performance from Boonton River Jam




  1. terrific performance . Lyrics and melody staying with me!!!!

  2. You have such an amazing voice! Absolutely indescribable, you have the voice of an angel..keep singing, your getting somewhere. Our band might be coming to the open mic night this week at the Methodist church..hope you’ll be there so I can hear your voice again..your the image of what life is suppose to be..beautiful and happy..

  3. Love “Dandelions”. The lyrics, melody and voice arrangements are terrific.

  4. You sound terrific. We are all very proud of you, honey

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