sydney kayne

singer songwriter

Montville Student to Perform with Willy Porter 4.16.16


Towaco Music and Arts Festival Sept 2014

Trails End Camp

Folk Project 5.30.14

Montville High School Freshman Sings For Sandy Victims

Z100 Hometown Hero Contest 2014


  1. Hi, Sydney. I saw you perform recently at The Folk Project Minstrel open mic, and bought two of your CDs. I’m intrigued by your lyrics, but can’t catch them all on the CDs. Do you have your lyrics written out, so I can see the flow of the thoughts and images in your songs?



    PS: Emailing me directly would be more convenient for me.

  2. Sydney, we at The Music Mission thank you for being a part of our Spring Concert last weekend. You were great! It’s always such a pleasure to see and hear you. And with your help we raised more than $1,000 for Sandy Relief and Recovery, No More Malaria, and local missions. Thank you so much for sharing your talent with us and the community. Looking forward to seeing you again soon!!

  3. Following is a form letter with info for prospective guest artists:

    I’d like to invite you to be featured guest artist on our TV series (I produce and host) that airs in Manhattan, Brooklyn, NY, northeastern PA, Fargo, ND, on several systems in NJ and . If you might be interested check out our website for more details at (no www) or you can go to and click “Shows”, then “TV.”

    A bit of info:
    We seek artists of a very broad variety of musical styles, cultural & ethnic backgrounds though we prefer music that is not played at very high volume.

    Due to our shoestring budget and copyright restrictions on syndicated TV shows, artists are asked to perform originals, public domain, or have written gratis license from copyright owners to perform cover material. It’s a half-hour show, 27 minutes air time including conversation and performance, so you need about five to six average length tunes that fit in the above categories.

    We usually tape on one or two weekday evenings (Mon. through Thurs.) each month at Cablevision, 683 State Route 10 East, Randolph, NJ 07869. We generally tape two shows with two different artists in one evening (1st taping arrival, 6:45 PM; 2nd taping arrival, 8:00 PM). Cablevision is about an hour west of NYC, 2 hours from Philly in light traffic. We tape in real time. There’s no post-production editing. The current studio lighting can accommodate no larger than quartet, maybe five-piece. We have 5 available inputs on our audio board, often miking a vocal & acoustic instrument with one high-quality lavalier, but our chief audio engineer has accommodated more complicated set-ups with her own submix board.

    Ralph Litwin
    72 Dean Road
    Mendham, NJ 07945 USA

    Info for local artists:

    The studio limits us to 4 studio date reservations at a time. We generally tape two shows with two different artists on one (or sometimes two) Monday through Thursday evening(s) per month. Artists who are on tour from distant areas usually get first pick of the dates & times that fit in their schedule and then we try to fill the other taping of that evening with a relatively local artist, like yourself. We also try not to schedule two groups with complicated audio requirements on the same night, because of the limited amount of time we are allowed use of the studio. So, I’ll contact you when we have a taping date open, but don’t hesitate to send me an occasional reminder that you’re still interested.

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